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Über uns

Corporate identities last 7-10 years on average. Rebranding a corporate identity often requires more specific knowledge than organisations often estimate. C.CASES provides project managers whom, together with the internal project teams and the design agency, create a rebranding, outsource it to suitable suppliers and see it through to execution. During the process, the team pays close attention to the desired level of ambition, the budget, the deadlines and the capacity available internally for the operation. We plan according to the capacity of the people inside your organisation, and we aim to inspire staff to buy into the positive dynamics of the rebranding.

Because, apart from rebranding being a serious operation, it puts your company back on the map from an exciting, fresh point of view. You are preparing your brand for the next decade. With more than 30 years of experience in this field, we can confidently say that rebranding can be one of the most enjoyable projects to be experienced within an organisation. The enjoyment can only be experienced if the rebranding is executed with passion and close adherence to the brief. This is what we specialise in and pledge to deliver. Decades of international experience in rebranding and implementing corporate identities, combined with extensive knowledge and skill in brand management, ensure the planning and execution of any rebranding project meets and indeed, exceeds, our clients’ expectations. Our approach is refreshing, current and enthusiastic, focused on the positive energy of people, but above all professional.


We specialise in advising all sizes of companies, working with senior management and boards as well as the communication and brand managers from small and medium-sized enterprises, to large companies, government bodies and non-profit organisations.

As rebranding specialists, our work doesn’t stop there. Working closely with all those involved in the process we follow the project through to the end to ensure maximum impact and minimum disruption by advising and supporting all departments impacted by the changes. We embed and facilitate the daily use of the new corporate identity into your organisation by working closely with all those involved including departements like IT, Procurement, Facility Management, Marketing etc.



C.CASES has a partnership network of professionals with a wide range of expertise and specialist qualifications: from designers and graphic artists to specialists in printing technology and producers of all manner of corporate identity carriers. This allows us to use our diverse know-how in a targeted and individual way, to provide optimum project-specific advice and to meet the requirements of our customers and projects reliably and precisely.


Creative - but feasible! Everything we develop for our clients must also add to and enhance the brand. At every level, from conceptual to organisational and financial. Our network allows us to work in a targeted and target group-oriented manner in both national and international contexts.



Strong brands embody an outlook on life, inspire and deliver an idea potential customers can relate to through strategic planning and unique design. C.CASES provides you with assistance during the entire planning process for your rebranding, or in defining specific steps in your rebranding process.

 C.CASES offers the following services:

  • Project management: Comprehensive project planning, control and monitoring to ensure objectives are fulfilled

  • Brand management: Continuous monitoring and fine-tuning of the brand image

  • Interim management: assuming control and accompanying fixed period brand tasks at your business.

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